Preprint del Dipartimento di Matematica

Anno 2010

Anno 2009

Anno 2008

Anno 2007

Anno 2006

  • 1. F. CRISPO,  A. TARTAGLIONE, On the stability and asymptotic stability of steady solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations in unbounded domains. abstract
  • 2. G. MARINO, O. POLVERINO, R. TROMBETTI, Fq-linear sets and semifields. abstract
  • 3. P. D'AQUINO, G. TERZO, A note on the decidability of exponential terms. abstract
  • 4. A. Cossidente, C. Culbert, G. L. Ebert, G. Marino, On m-ovoids of W3(q). abstract
  • 5. A. Cianci, A. Ferone, A strengthened version of the Hardy-Littlewood inequality. abstract
  • 6. A. Cianci, A. Ferone, Hardy inequalities with non standard remainder terms. abstract
  • 7.
  • 8. S. Cafieri, M. D' Apuzzo, V. De Simone and D. di Serafino, On the Use of an Approximate Constraint Preconditioner in Potential Reduction Algorithm for Quadratic Programming. abstract

Anno 2005

  • 1. P. D'AMBRA, D. di SERAFINO, and S. FILIPPONE, On the Development of PSBLAS-based Parallel Two-level Schwarz Preconditioners. abstract
  • 2. A. CIANCHI and A. FERONE, On Symmetric Functionals of the Gradient Having Symmetric Equidistributed Minimizers.  abstract
  • 3. F. VITALE, F. MASSIMO VALENTE, V. de SIMONE, N. MELONE, B. CARBONARO, CrC-Trace:il portale della tracciabilità e rintracciabilità delle filiere agroalimentari. abstract
  • 4. R. RUSSO, A. TARTAGLIONE, On the Robin Problem for the Stokes and the Navier-Stokes Systems. abstract 
  • 5. C. ZANELLA, Blocking sets in Grassmannians. abstract
  • 6. E. FERRARA DENTICE, C. ZANELLA, Blocking sets and covers in finite Grassmannians. abstract
  • 7. A. COSSIDENTE and G. MARINO, On the Geometry of Commuting Polarities. abstract
  • 8. A. COSSIDENTE, G. LUNARDON, O. POLVERINO and G. MARINO, Hermitian indicator sets. abstract
  • 9. G. TERZO, Some consequences of Schanuel's conjecture in exponential rings. abstract
  • 10. A. COSSIDENTE, G. MARINO and O. POLVERINO, Special sets of the Hermitian surface and indicator sets. rings. abstract

Anno 2004

  • 1.EVA FERRARA DENTICE and GIUSEPPE MARINO, Classification of Veronesean caps.  abstract
  • 2.FRANCESCO MAZZOCCA and OLGA POLVERINO, Blocking sets in PG(2,qn) from cones of PG(2n,q);abstract
  • 3.EVA FERRARA DENTICE and P.M. LO RE, A Characterization of the Corrado Segre Variety;abstract
  • 4.EMMA D'ANIELLO and T.H. STEELE, Asymptotically stable sets and the stability of  -limit sets;abstract
  • 5.GIOVANNA BONOLI, SVEVA FRENI and NICOLA MELONE, Quadratic line sets in PG(3,q);abstract
  • 6.PAOLA D'AQUINO, A. MACINTYRE, Quadratic Reciprocity law over ID0+W1, part I;
  • 7.I. CARDINALI, OLGA POLVERINO, ROCCO TROMBETTI, Semifields planes of order q4 with kernel Fq2 and center Fq;
  • 8.GIOVANNA BONOLI and OLGA POLVERINO, Fq - linear blocking sets in PG(2,q4);abstract
  • 9.CAFIERI S., D'APUZZO M., DE SIMONE V., di SERAFINO D., On the Iterative Solution of KKT Systems in Potential Reduction Software for Large Scale Quadratic Problems;abstract
  • 10.G. CECI, MUCHERINO A., D'APUZZO M., di SERAFINO D., COSTANTINI S., FACCHIANO A., COLONNA G.,Computational Methods for Protein Fold Prediction: an Ab-initio Topological Approach;abstract
  • 11.BUTTARI A., D'AMBRA P., di SERAFINO D., FILIPPONE S., Extending PSBLAS to Build Parallel Schwarz Preconditioners;abstract

Anno 2003

  • 1.FERRARA DENTICE E., On finite matroids with two more hyperplanes than points.  abstract
  • 2.DI LORENZO P., Un indice metrico per la distanza tra melodie.  abstract
  • 3.DI LORENZO P., A mathematical model for a metric index of melodic similarity.  abstract
  • 4.DI LORENZO P., Chaos structures in Gregorian Chant.  abstract
  • 5.DAMIANI A., and DI LORENZO P. and DI MAIO G. and OLIVETTI BELARDINELLI M., Mathematical model to classify the musical patterns of listened melodic pieces.  abstract
  • 6.DI LORENZO and DI MAIO G and SCARPA M.T., Fractal musical signals compression:a new reliable method?  abstract
  • 7.DI LORENZO P., Ordine e caos nella musica. Modelli matematici per la comprensione e l'analisi musicale.  abstract
  • 8.MAREMONTI P. and STARITA G., On the nonstationary Stokes equations in half-space with continuous initial data.  abstract
  • 9.BONOLI G. and POLVERINO O., The twisted cubic of PG(3,q) and translation spreads of H(q).  abstract
  • 10.D'ANIELLO E.and DARJI U.B., Some remarks on smooth images of irrationals.  abstract

Anno 2002

  • 1.TARTAGLIONE A., On existence, uniqueness and the maximum modulus theorem in plane linear elastostatics for exterior domains.  abstract
  • 2.STARITA G. and TARTAGLIONE A., On the traction problem for the Stokes system.  abstract
  • 3.STARITA G. and Tartaglione A., A note on the Robin problem for the Stokes system.  abstract
  • 4.TARTAGLIONE A., Esistenza e unicità di soluzioni classiche dei problemi al contorno associati al sistema di Stokes.  abstract
  • 5.LUNARDON G. and POLVERINO O., On the twisted cubic of PG(3,q).  abstract
  • 6.D'ANIELLO E and STEELE T.H., A C1 function for which the ω-limit points are not contained in the closure of the periodic points.  abstract
  • 7.BONOLI G. and FRENI S., Immersione di uno spazio attenuato in una Grassmanniana.  abstract
  • 8.FERONE A. and VOLPICELLI R., Convex Symmetrization: the equality case on Pòlya-Szegö inequality.  abstract
  • 9.STARITA G., The motion of a spheroid in viscous fluid.  abstract
  • 10.MARINO G. and TOSCANO R., Periodic solution of a class of nonlinear ODE systems.  abstract